Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped ANOTHER 2016 NFL Video And It’s A Billion Times Funnier Than Part 1

I didn’t realize today was my birthday. I thought my birthday was last Tuesday when Bad Lip Reading dropped their first ‘NFL 2016’ video, a video that I’ve probably watched no less than a thousand times since it was first released. If you missed Part 1 don’t worry, Part 2 of Bad Lip Reading’s ‘2016 NFL’ series is the funniest video I’ve seen them produce in YEARS.

Watch Part 1 here, it’s amazing: Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped Their ‘NFL 2016’ Video And I Cannot Stop Laughing…It Hurts

What it is about Aaron Rodgers that makes him so easy to poke fun at? I swear he’s like the best player in the NFL for Bad Lip Reading. It’s possibly a tie between him, Tom Brady, and Adrian Peterson. Tom Brady’s just a complete clown off and on the field (when he’s not throwing passes), so he’s PERFECT for Bad Lip Reading. Something about Adrian Peterson’s enormous neck makes everything ad libbed into his mouth hilarious…But the look of Aaron Rodgers really does it for me when it comes to Bad Lip Reading.

Also, I know I’m not alone in thinking that these Bad Lip Reading videos are better than any other Super Bowl coverage COMBINED. Instead of weeks full of build up on ESPN they’d do a lot better to just hire the dudes from Bad Lip Reading, give them the all of this season’s NFL footage to work with, and let the BLR team go to town. Now THAT’S some Super Bowl 50 coverage that I’d actually be interested in watching.