Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped Their ‘NFL 2016’ Video And I Cannot Stop Laughing…It Hurts

I’ve been waiting for Bad Lip Reading to drop their ‘year in review’ of the 2016 NFL season for quite some time, and finally my wait is over. This morning Bad Lip Reading released ‘NFL 2016: Part One’ and I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I hit the play button.

Cam Newton’s afraid of snakes. Tom Brady has finally figured out where Disney World is (in Florida), and AJ McCarron really needs someone to lick the booboo on his elbow. So, get ready to piss yourself with laughter while watching the Bad Lip Reading for the 2016 NFL season:

Favorite part? The entire thing? Them hilariously trying to convince us that Tony Romo might have more than one chick in his life at any time?

It’s just amazing how some NFL players (Eli Manning, Tom Brady, etc) are soooooo much easier to take shots at than others. And don’t misinterpret this, I love Tom Brady for being a goddamn champion and NO, I’m not a Pats fan. I just think it’s hilarious that once these players become larger than life it’s almost easier to make fun of them in the Bad Lip Reading format because anything they say out of Tom Brady’s mouth is fucking hilarious.

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