Baker Mayfield Gets Blasted For Saying He Wants To Go Boo Fans At Their Jobs And ‘Make Them Crumble’

Baker Mayfield

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  • Baker Mayfield went viral after making an appearance on the Ya Never Know podcast on Wednesday.
  • During his interview, Mayfield riled up the Internet after he said he wished he could go boo fans at their jobs.
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Baker Mayfield woke up and chose violence.

On Wednesday morning, Mayfield, who is currently seeking a trade out of Cleveland, appeared on the Ya Never Know podcast to talk about how he felt disrespected by the franchise after they pursued Watson this offseason.

During the interview, Mayfield went on to take a shot at fans by saying that he wished he could go into their cubicles and boo them just to watch them crumble.

“I would love to show up to somebody’s cubicle and just boo the shit out of them and watch them crumble.”

Baker’s comments didn’t sit well with fans who fired back at him on social media.