Baker Mayfield ‘100%’ Feels Disrespected By The Browns But Explains How He Can Walk Away Proudly

  • Baker Mayfield was a guest on the ‘YNK: you know what I mean?’ podcast where he discussed separating form the Cleveland Browns
  • The former Browns starting QB discussed how he ‘100%’ feels disrespected but how he feels he can leave the team proudly
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The Baker Mayfield chapter of the Cleveland Browns is over. It’s possible the team can try and drag it out of their new franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson is suspended. The team might attempt to try and force Baker to step in during that suspension (he won’t) but Watson is the new guy and Baker is moving on.

As a guest on the YNK: you know what I mean?, Baker Mayfield spoke candidly about how he “100%” feels disrespected by the Cleveland Browns. He’s careful to mention that feeling disrespect is a personal thing but he “100%” feels it with how the team handled his situation.

Baker Mayfield also discussed how he believes he can proudly move on from his chapter with the Cleveland Browns. In Baker’s mind, he believes true/real Browns fans know he gave his all and they’ll always thank and respect him for his contributions. I can’t speak for every Browns fan but the ones I know 100% feel this way about Baker and they’re not looking forward to the Deshaun Watson era.

Baker Mayfield ‘100%’ Feels Disrespected By The Cleveland Browns

What does the reaction from Browns fans look like?

This episode of the YNK: you know what I mean? podcast was just published. There hasn’t been much time for it to take off yet. But within minutes Baker’s name was trending on Twitter.

Full Baker Mayfield Interview Here:

It remains to be seen where Baker Mayfield will land next in the NFL. The Browns are in a position of trying to extract value from him in a trade with every other NFL team knowing the Browns don’t value him as a starter. So it seems unlikely they’ll get much in return.