Fan’s Attempt To Hide From HR Fails Miserably As The Ball Finds Him Like A Heat Seeking Missile

A baseball fan's glove rests atop the stadium wall.


A college baseball fan was hit Tuesday night by a towering home run that seemed to be on a mission. Despite the fan’s attempts to duck for cover, the ball found him like a heat-seeking missile.

The hilarious scene unfolded during a matchup between the Clemson Tigers and Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. Many were quick to react online.

The Tigers and Chants faced off in a Palmetto State rivalry between a pair of proud programs. Baseball is almost religion in South Carolina, as a number of different teams boast College World Series appearances and national championships.

That fact makes this fan display all the more embarrassing.

In the second inning of play, Tigers slugger Billy Amick stepped up to the plate. The infielder hit a drive to right-center field, which got caught in a strong outward wind as it neared the warning track.

A fan in the outfield stands saw the ball’s trajectory changing as the wind began to push the homer in his direction. Rather than making an attempt to catch it, as most would, he ducked for cover.

Despite his best efforts to avoid being hit, the ball found him.

Many online were quick to post reactions to the comical scene.

One person asked, “How’s the noggin doing?” while another said, “He’s in concussion protocol.”

This Clemson supporter wrote, “You’re supposed to look up!!!!”

The fan hit by the baseball was a good sport, laughing the moment off before posting a picture on social media with the caption, “Thanks for the headache, Billy.”

It seems that no physical injuries were reported, just a shot to his pride.