Baseball Fan’s Hilarious Toupee Mishap Goes Viral

A Houston Astros hat beside a glove and baseball bat.

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An unsuspecting baseball fan’s toupee mishap was caught by cameras on Wednesday night. The Astros supporter donned a visor equipped with a wig attachment worn to seemingly hide his own lack of hair.

In between innings, cameras caught the man removing the cap, revealing his bald head. Social media followers quickly lost it seeing the hilarious dupe.

The Astros and Marlins faced off in midweek action in Miami. The game saw early fireworks with 11 runs being scored through the first five frames. That included a trio of first inning home runs by the Astros.

After jumping out to a 6-5 lead, Houston would lay the hammer with a six-run seventh inning to blow the game wide open. That would end the scoring as the ‘Stros would leave with a 12-5 victory.

While the offense provided entertainment for viewers, a mid-inning mishap gave onlookers some comedy. During some down time in the action, cameras panned to an Astros fan that was enjoying his team’s success.

The attendee sported a visor, along with a full head of long blonde hair. Or so we thought.

The man removed his hat, and all that hair came with it. The broadcast booth immediately lost it upon seeing the fan’s toupee.

“Wait a minute! Did you see that?” one co-host asked. “The hair came off with the visor.”

The broadcast even flashed a slow-motion replay of the hair removal, which perfectly encapsulated the deceptive scene for viewers.

Twitter followers quickly posted reactions to the no-so-sly headwear.

Most weren’t surprised due to the fact that the man was an Astros fan.

Others just found the moment hysterical.

An undoubtedly embarrassing moment for the toupee-wearing fan, but at least his Astros won to help ease the pain.

Jacob Elsey
BroBible writer. Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is based in Charleston, SC.