All Hell Broke Loose At A Baseball Game When Players Tried To Fight A Fan Who Chucked A Beer At Them

baseball players fight beer throwing fan


  • Baseball players had to be held back from fighting a fan who chucked a beer at them during a game
  • The incident unfolded during $1 Beer Night at a Frontier League contest between the New Jersey Jackals and the Sussex County Miners
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Being a minor league baseball player means willingly subjecting yourself to one of the least glamorous lives you can live while still calling yourself a “professional athlete,” as guys will spend years grinding and surviving on laughably low wages in the hopes it will all pay off by eventually getting an invitation to The Show.

I’ve long maintained that a minor league baseball team’s marketing department is its most valuable asset, as they’re responsible for dreaming up various promos and gimmicks to give people the incentive to spend their time and money on a game featuring players they’ve never heard of on a field plastered with ads for local credit unions and insurance brokers.

On Thursday night, the New Jersey Jackals of the Frontier League turned to a tried and true strategy to lure fans to Yogi Berra Stadium by holding a $1 Beer Night. Unfortunately, things went slightly off the rails when a fan who’d presumably taken full advantage of the promotion sparked a borderline “Malice in the Palace” situation when they reportedly decided to chuck a cup full of cheap suds in the direction of some members of the Sussex County Miners.

A fellow fan captured video of players being prevented from pulling a Ron Artest as they climbed into the stands to try to confront the offending spectator, but were ultimately restrained before action resumed.

I guess the Jackals learned nothing about the perils of discounted booze from Disco Demolition Night.


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