Ex-Met Ty Kelly Shares Photo Of Extremely Sad Lunch At Spring Training Showing Just How Brutal Life Is In The Minor Leagues

life in the minor leagues

Getty Image / Rich Schultz

We’ve all heard that ‘life isn’t glamorous in the Minor Leagues’ and that it truly is a grind in the levels below The Show. As a guy that worked for a Double-A team during college and got an inside look into that world, let me tell you, these guys aren’t living the good life.

While a select few cashed in on huge signing bonuses when they were drafted, most of the players are simply chasing a dream, not making near the amount of money most would assume, sleeping on air mattresses in apartments with three roommates and traveling on a bus.

With all that being said, you would at least assume they’d be getting a decent meal more often than not, but that’s not really the case either. Ex-Met Ty Kelly has clearly had enough of how players in the Minors are being treated and shared a photo of quite arguably the saddest lunch you’ve ever seen.

He also called out the Mets and their $57 million spring training facility in St. Lucie. See, the Mets have an A-ball team in St. Lucie, but the organization isn’t letting them use it during the team’s own regular season. The Mets are claiming that it’s a reminder and inspiration for the minor leaguers about what their life could be like if they make it to the Majors.

Talk about a slap to the face. These guys are trying to make their mark and get noticed by the big club at Spring Training and they’re having to do so after eating a slice of ham and a Gogurt like they’re in the second grade. According to Kelly, players aren’t even allowed to make a salad for themselves because their ‘lunch’ was already made.

The lack of accommodations in the Minors is beyond wild.