Watch: Bears Justin Fields Leads Epic Water Balloon Fight At Training Camp Practice

Justin Fields

Justin Casterline/Getty Image

The Chicago Bears turned their intense training camp into a spectacle of fun and camaraderie as they engaged in an epic water balloon fight led by their star quarterback, Justin Fields.

As the summer sun beat down on the practice field, the Bears decided to beat the heat in style.

What initially seemed like a regular practice session took an unexpected turn when players were handed water balloons.

Laughter and excitement filled the air as players from all positions joined in on the spontaneous water balloon fight, proving that even the most serious of athletes can let loose and have a blast.

The youthful energy of quarterback Justin Fields was palpable as he enthusiastically participated in the splashy escapade.

The water balloon fight provided a unique opportunity for the players to bond and unwind after grueling days of practice during the training camp.


Wide receiver Velus Jones Jr. showcased his accuracy by landing an impressive hit on defensive back Kyler Gordon, a well-executed strike that caught everyone’s attention.

The friendly chaos even extended to the running backs, with D’Onta Foreman playfully targeting Roschon Johnson.

However, not all throws were successful, as Fields himself experienced a miss on his first throw, narrowly hitting defensive lineman Gervon Dexter.

Despite the occasional misses, the overall spirit of the event was one of camaraderie and laughter, with everyone getting a chance to showcase their playful sides.