Bears Pull From Eagles Playbook To Gauge The Competitiveness Level Of Prospects Ahead Of NFL Draft

Bears helmets

Getty Image / Tom Hauck

The NFL Draft is just over a month away and teams across the league are finalizing their scouting reports for the incoming prospects.

This is an incredibly important offseason for the Chicago Bears, as they have a real chance to build a strong young core for the future.

However, it sounds like the franchise is ultimately interested in highly competitive prospects. With that in mind, the team reveals they’re basically pulling from the Philadelphia Eagles playbook when it comes to testing prospects.

During a sit-down interview with Peter Schrager, the Bears’ general manager and head coach discuss how they’re testing each player.

Apparently, they have a dart board and mini putt-putt competition setup for the coaching staff to take on each prospect.

Nick Sirianni and the Eagles did something similar in the past when they brought a mini-hoop for prospects to play on. Considering the level of talent on their current roster, many believe that this unorthodox approach works.

The Bears sure seem to think so, as prospects are playing darts and putt-putt whenever they meet with Chicago.

This might be something we see more regularly as time goes on. Especially if the players the Bears draft end up being legitimate studs.

The NFL is a copy-cat league. If something works, then other teams will follow suit. So, the Eagles should really feel honored that Chicago wants to copy them. That’s the highest form of respect in this league.