Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Masters Of Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, And Jack Nicklaus Is Art

Tiger Woods reading a putt at The Masters

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

For so many reasons I won’t even begin to go into them, The Masters is a case study in how to put on a perfect event.

They’ve created more demand than any other event in golf. Obviously, they’ve covered ‘scarcity’ because nobody without deep pockets or a connected circle can get into the grounds at Augusta National GC.

But in recent years, The Masters has emerged with the best behind-the-scenes footage of any single event in sports and it is doing NUMBERS on its social media.

Clips like this, where they explain how anyone can put down a chair with their name on it and that chair will not be taken or moved, are doing millions of views on TikTok.


Replying to How you save your seat at the Masters! #chairs #spectators #apri #themasters

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It’s hard not to feel poetic about this slow-motion HD shot of Jordan Spieth hitting it over the pond:

Here is what the ceremonial start of the 2023 Masters looked like for anyone fortunate enough to be there on Thursday as Jack Nicklaus got it started:

And here is Tiger Woods swinging in slow motion:

The appreciation from patrons at Augusta National towards Tiger Woods is unmatched:

Speed walking is okay, running is prohibited at The Masters. Many folks would never know this without behind-the-scenes footage:

We could go all day here. Instead, I’d encourage you to just go follow The Masters on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube. Because they’re really broken out as having the best behind-the-scenes footage of any major even in sports.

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