Former UFC Fighter Ben Askren’s Wife Responds To Going Viral On Twitter For The Wrong Reasons

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One of the most famous tweets in the history of Twitter reads “each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.”

Stated another way, every day on Twitter someone goes viral for saying/doing something that riles up the mob and nobody wants to walk in that person’s shoes. Former UFC fighter Ben Askren just got a taste of this when he accidentally threw his wife under the proverbial bus.

In this recent tweet, Ben Askren professed love for his wife by saying finding a wife who is a ‘great mother’ is ‘500% more important’ than finding an attractive wife.

Of course, from Ben’s perspective, it was implied that he finds his wife attractive but that isn’t how most people interpreted the tweet. That tweet about Ben Askren’s wife got 36.3 million views (and counting) and over 9,000 quote tweets.

Ben responded to some trolls:

Askren then Googled a picture of him and his wife to show how she’s not insecure and they love each other but then she (jokingly) called him out for simply Googling a photo of them instead of using one from his phone:

After tweeting ‘I won Twitter with this one’ and sharing his viral misstep again, Ben Askren then shared a video of his wife responding to going viral:

Amy Askren joked that she’s ‘so offended’ and can’t show her face anywhere again. When Ben Askren asked his wife how she felt about ‘how most people thought’ he was calling his wife unattractive in the original post, she laughingly agreed with the obvious. Stating “I can see how it could be misconstrued.”

Ben’s words were:

“I’ve seen some guys posting on social media lately about how they are winning bc their wife is attractive, while I don’t disagree I think finding a wife who is a great mother is 500% more important!!! Thanks @Abamaby for being such a great mom to our kids.”

Askren asked his wife if she ever had any questions about his words (above). Amy said “well, I have to beat you off with a stick. (Laughing). Beat you off, that didn’t come out right.”

It’s clear they’ve been sitting around for days enjoying this taste of virality and his words, however they were interpreted by the masses, have only led to jokes in their household.

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