The 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements For Men, Ranked By Taste, Quality, And Cost

Whey Protein

Depending on one’s budget, how motivated you are at a particular time (aka how close you are to summer) and your swole friend’s latest suggestion, there can be a myriad of decisions to make when it comes to picking a protein powder. But hey, you’ve already made one great choice and that is choosing to buy protein powder over protein bars. We all know that protein bars pretending to be good for you are one of the great nutritional myths of our time.

But wait, isn’t all protein powder the same? I mean, how much difference can there really be? Well, to be honest, the answer is about as sticky as your 7th grade socks. On the one hand (pun intended), protein is protein. Your body will digest and process 1 gram of protein the same way every time. On the other hand (aka lefty, aka stranger in the night), there can be a wide variety of difference in the nutritional facts, the discrepancy of the company, and the quality and type of protein used (i.e. whey, casein, or vegan protein powder).

You see, supplements do not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA. Meaning, these companies can say their protein has 20 grams whey concentrate in it, but it really has 20 grams Uncle Rico’s special sauce. Because of this, you want to choose well-established companies with a strong positive history in the industry.

I know that this list is important to a lot of people who are looking for answers, so below are the 10 best protein powder supplements for men, ranked by taste, nutritional content, and cost. There is some subjectivity here obviously, so keep an open mind.

10. Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein (Specialty Powder)

Cost: High  |  Quality: High  |  Taste: Low

Casein is the exact opposite of whey, but can be very useful. Casein protein is very slow releasing into your blood steam. If you struggle with gaining weight, it can be a good idea to take casein protein before bedtime. This will keep your body satiated during the night. This product will not taste very good, but can be a good addition if you have hit a plateau.

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9. Cytosport – Cyto Gainer (Specialty Powder)

Cost: Mid  |   Quailty: Mid  |  Taste: High

This is a protein shake for those looking to gain mass in general. It is full of carbohydrates and protein that will help you bump up your calories. I used it back when I needed to gain weight and can testify that it did help. Keep in mind, this is not a protein to be used on a regular basis, only for those who really need to gain weight.

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8. Cellucor COR Performance Whey Protein

Cost: Mid  |  Quality: High  | Taste: Like brownie mix

Cellucor COR Performance Whey Protein is a great tasting protein that won’t bust your gut with an abundance of fat or carbs.

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7. Dymatize – ISO 100

Cost: High | Quality: Jesus took this protein  | Taste: Mid

ISO -100 is one of the highest quality protein you can get. Basically, they added enzymes to your protein in order to feed your muscles faster. It would be ranked higher, but I have seen some controversial data on the subject that suggests that a mix of proteins (isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate) are better for muscle recovery.

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6. Muscle Tech – Phase 8

Cost: High |  Quaility: Mid-High  |  Taste: Mid-High

I hope you’re a stock broker. The cost for muscle tech is too high for most people, but seems to be a good product in general. Overall, it has received good ratings from the people I know and the internet.

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5. Muscle Pharm – Combat Powder

Cost: Mid  |  Quality: Mid-High  |  Taste: Low-Mid

Muscle Pharm has been getting a lot of press lately and for good reason. They bring a solid product to the market. However, if you care about the taste of you protein, look elsewhere. Getting an 8/10 on is a sure sign that, for most people, it will taste pretty bad. They also got docked for their rating on that Reddit Protein Experiment.

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4. Dymatize – Elite Gourmet Protein

Cost: Low  |  Quality: Mid  |  Taste: High

This protein powder is great. I remember the good ol’ days when this stuff first came out and cost $25 for a massive container. Now things are a little bit different because the company got popular. Great nutritional facts and tastes amazing.

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3. BSN – Syntha 6 Edge

Cost: Mid-High  |  Quality: High  | Taste: High

BSN is another quality company that has been around for a while. The main reason they are not number 1 or 2 is because of the amount of carbs per serving. However, keep in mind that being a top three brand makes this protein a great choice.

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2. Champion Nutrition – Pure Whey

Cost: Mid |  Quality: Mid-High  | Taste: High

Right now, this is what I am taking. I didn’t even realize it until J.Camm (janitor at BroBible HQ) mentioned how much he loved it and I checked mine to realize I was on the same stuff. Solid all the way around- tastes great and is reasonably priced. (J.Camm’s Note: Been blowing Champion Nutrition farts since ’06. I love it and I cannot believe it isn’t ranked as the best protein powder on this list. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions.)

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1. Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey

Cost: Mid  |  Quality: The Best  |  Taste: Mid

If you spend some time in the gym, you will hear about ON because somebody will be taking it. Basically, in an oversaturated market, ON has somehow found a way to stand out as the best protein powder for quality. The taste is so-so and the cost is middle of the road, but as far as quality comes, it is hard to beat.

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