The Best Sports Betting Gifts for The Experts In Your Life

The Best Sports Betting Gifts for The Experts In Your Life

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The online gambling market was over $40 billion in 2016 — by 2023, it’s expected to rise to over $93 billion as sports gambling continues to skyrocket in popularity around the world.

Just about everyone has some sort of sports gambler somewhere down their family or friendship line. But the truth is, sports gambling isn’t a world that everyone can relate to if you aren’t immersed in it.

That’s why we created the ultimate guide to buying sports betting gifts for the special gambler in your life. Keep reading to find the perfect present for them below.

What Kind of Sports Bettor Are They?

Before we start diving into sports betting gift ideas, it’s important to try to understand what kind of sports bettors there are out there. Just like any other hobby, there are several different types of people, which help determine what kind of gift they’ll appreciate the most.

Are they a…

  • Passionate sports fan?
  • Gambling hobbyist?
  • Professional gambler?
  • Thrill-seeker?
  • Tactician?
  • Casino lover?

If you can nail down what category your special bettor falls under, you can start to narrow down the different gift ideas to get them. If you don’t know where they might fall, there’s no problem with getting them a more classic kind of sports betting gift.

The Best Sports Betting Gifts

Okay, time to dig into the good stuff. We’ll cover a wide variety of different presents that cover just about every kind of sports bettor out there. Let’s dive in.

Wagering Notebook

Highly detailed sports bettors that prefer writing down their notes on different bets will love an organized place to keep all of their notes. Here, they can jot down observations about games, matches, patterns, and teams — all to organize their future predictions.

If you know that your friend is a serious sports bettor that relies on strategy and statistics, a personalized wagering notebook is an excellent gift.

These typically have sections that include wager sizes, potential winnings, event dates, odds, and personal notes.

Sports Gambling Strategy Books

When it comes to sports gambling, you can never stop learning. Sports betting books are great ways to help turn your friend into a more intelligent and nuanced gambler. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

The Logic of Sports Betting: This 239-page book by Ed Miller conveys great concepts with great perspectives. It’s one of the most popular books and gives the reader plenty of “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

The Everything Guide to Sports Betting: This book is jam-packed with easy-to-learn tips and tricks on how to strategically place bets. It thoroughly explains different types of wagers — especially the most profitable ones.

Picking NFL Winners: A Statistical Handicapping Primer: Did you know that over 31 million Americans bet more than $7.6 billion on the 2022 Super Bowl? In this book, Masaru Kanemoto explores mathematical approaches to cover NFL point spreads. It’s considered one of the best sports betting strategy books of all time.

Conquering Vegas: Sports Betting Strategies That Win: This is one of the most popular books on sports betting book lists on Reddit. It helps newcomers understand and avoid the pitfalls of the sports betting industry with tried-and-true methods in football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

The Complete Guide to Sports Betting: Kevin Dolan is the World Series Handicapping Champion. He wrote this book to explain the six betting principles that every bettor should use to get a profit from sportsbooks. It teaches how to analyze betting patterns, evaluate line movements, and create power rankings.

Sharper: A Guide to Modern Sports Betting: This quick 139-page book teaches how to maximize bonus spreading. It’s a great way to learn how to take advantage of sports betting promotions.

Soccer Betting 101: Does your friend or family member love soccer? This book is one of the best beginner’s guides to sports betting. It features simple strategies that you can learn in only 30 minutes per day.

Essential Strategies for Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports: In the past decade, fantasy sports have skyrocketed in popularity. It has its own unique strategies that are different from traditional sports betting. Kevin Bonnet’s book provides an in-depth guide to taking advantage of daily fantasy sports.

Smart Sports Betting: In this book, Matt Rudnitsky tells how he turned a $100 birthday gift into $8,000 in under two years — all through sports gambling. You can learn to analyze betting lines, limit bad decisions, and find advanced NFL statistics.

On-Demand Live Sports Content Subscription

If you ask any sports lover in the world that doesn’t have a subscription to their favorite sport, they’ll all tell you it absolutely sucks. Trying to find the right channel or random, sketchy stream on the internet just doesn’t cut it.

Help them out by getting them a great content subscription for their favorite sports like NBA League Pass, Amazon Prime, NFL Redzone, and more.

Merchandise From Their Favorite Team

No matter what team they support, just about every sports fan and gambler would love to add more jerseys of their favorite players to their collection. Whether it was their favorite team from birth or a player that helped them win the biggest wager of their life, getting them some fresh merch will be appreciated.

Don’t know where to start? Just go to Amazon and type in the team name + “merchandise” or “jerseys.”

Just make sure they actually like that team and player — getting them merch from a team they hate could be the ultimate slap in the face.

Lucky Charms

Yes, gamblers are notoriously superstitious. Many of them have their own traditions, routines, and yes — lucky charms. These can be anything from special team trinkets, figures, or maybe even random objects that you might think belong in the garbage.

But besides that, several items are widely believed to bring good luck to its owner, including:

  • Four-leaf clovers
  • Feng Shui items
  • Horseshoes
  • Rabbit’s feet
  • Fuzzy dice
  • Lucky number 7 charms
  • Dreamcatchers

If you know your friend or family member is superstitious, bring them some extra luck with any of these charms for their next big gambles.

Sports Celebrity Cameos

Did you know that you can get personalized videos from your friend’s favorite sports players sent directly to them? There are thousands of celebrities on Cameo and you can pay them to send messages to your friend to bring them good luck.

Pro wrestlers, football players, basketball players, baseball players, hockey players, soccer players — you can find them all on Cameo. You can book a Cameo (a personalized video), meet them live on a video call, or simply send them a message for a fee.

Sports Betting Gift Vouchers

You might not know this, but you can gamble online without using your credit or debit card. How? Just get a prepaid sports betting gift card! This is a great idea to help give your friends a little boost on their favorite platform. It’s also great for friends who prefer to not share their information on casino sites.

Sports Gambling Masterclass

If your friend is a serious tactician when it comes to sports gambling, they’re always looking for new and innovative strategies to add to their betting arsenal. You can enroll them in an online Masterclass and pay for their tuition.

Tickets to a Game

There isn’t a sports fan on earth that doesn’t enjoy going to live sports games. Depending on the team, location, and day of the week, you can find tickets for pretty cheap. Just go to a reputable sports ticket dealer like StubHub and find a couple of tickets so they can take their loved ones and enjoy some of their wagers in person.

You can even just get them a gift card to use so they can choose whatever date works best for them.

Personalized Messages on Everyday Items

Another great way to let your friend or family member know that you understand them is to express it through writing. You can get custom-made mugs, T-shirts, hats, wallets, notebooks, and more with gambling-related messages on them. Some examples can include:

  • “All I do is win”
  • “Odds are I’m at the bookies”
  • “I don’t gamble, I invest in the outcome of the game”
  • “I enjoy romantic walks to the bookies”

You can even get personal numbers inscribed on these items, like their lucky numbers, the date of their biggest wager won, and more. Get creative!

The Best Gifts for Casino Gamblers

Most likely your favorite gamblers don’t just stick to sports. They might enjoy slots, card games, and other casino games as well. Check out these gift ideas for the casino gamblers in your life.

Slot Machine Replica

Your favorite gambler can’t spend 24 hours a day in the casino. So why not bring a piece of it home? Get them a slot machine recipe that can actually take loose change for a fun addition to their game room.

Are they more serious gamblers that won’t be impressed by a replica? If so, you can step up your game and get them a real, old, original slot machine. They aren’t too hard to find — just do a quick google search for antique coin slot machines and you’ll get tons of results.

Be prepared though, they aren’t cheap. The cheapest ones will go for around $1,000, and the best, most well-preserved antiques can run up to $300,000.

Fruit Machine Keychain

Presents don’t need to be super expensive to be enjoyed. Even a simple, symbolic gift like a slot machine keychain can be great, too. These functional keychains actually spin when you pull the handle, which is a great little toy to play with when bored.

Roulette Drinking Game

Let’s be honest, high stakes gambling doesn’t mix well with alcohol. However, this fun drinking game doesn’t actually involve gambling — but it’s a great party trick for gamblers to pull out.

This roulette-shaped drinking game dictates who drinks next. Fill the shot glasses with your favorite alcohol. And get creative! Find different ways to play the game.

Mini-Casino Games Kit

If your beloved gambler loves spending time in the casino, they most likely will like to play or practice at home, too. With these kits, you can host a casino night right out of your house. They include everything you need to play roulette, poker, and blackjack right in your living room.

They come with rulebooks so you even newcomers can learn how to play. This is a great way to enjoy casino games in a relaxed environment with your best friends.

Book a Trip To a Casino

Here’s an interesting fact: most online gamblers have never been to a casino. Although online gambling climbs in popularity every day, nothing beats being in that live-action environment with flashing lights and entertainment surrounding you.

Make your friend’s dream come true by booking tickets to the nearest casino. Want to win the “greatest friend in the universe” award? Book tickets to Las Vegas in one of the Strip’s amazing hotels.

Vegas has so much more to offer than just gambling — you’ll find sporting events, concerts, clubs, and of course, some of the greatest casinos you’ll find in the world.

Find the Best Sports Betting Gift Out There

When it comes down to it, sports gamblers aren’t that hard to shop for. They always have a specific sport, team, player, or game that they absolutely love. Just find out what they like and treat them to a gift they’ll never forget.

There are sports betting gifts for every kind of gambler out there — you just have to do a little research to find the perfect thing.

If you want to learn more about sports or sports gambling, make sure to keep up to date on all the latest news here!

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