These Are 5 Of The Best Ways To Get In A Workout Outside This Summer

The 5 Best Ways To Get In A Workout Outside This Summer


Working out in the summer months is unlike the rest of the year and that goes for both the indoor and outdoor variety. When done right, you should be sweating your balls off even during the cooler time of year and hydration is always important. But once you have the added factors of high heat and humidity, then it becomes imperative to do so.

When the weather cooperates, you can add some activities that take the place of that boring cardio you do while running on a treadmill in the gym—and that in itself should be an incentive to do it regularly and not have it seem like a chore.


Taking in the sun and seeing all of the bikini-clad women on a hot summer’s day at the beach should be easy enough and a low-impact jog gives you the opportunity to take a look at each and every one of them.

The sand makes it more difficult to navigate than a flat hard surface but the softness is easier on the joints.

A negative here is that you probably will not have a bottle of water with you.


Playing four quarters of full-court basketball (indoors or outdoors) is perhaps the best cardio workout you can do and it pretty much runs the gamut as far as speed, agility, jumping, fat burning, etc.

Playing both offense and defense really keeps you in great condition and there are enough breaks in the action to get ample water breaks. Bring plenty and leave them on the sideline and in the shade.


Great for measuring distance on long runs and short sprints, your local high school track provides a useful but monotonous option for cardio.

Switch on and off between running fast, moderate and slow, and be sure to leave enough water nearby during quick breaks.


There is plenty of potential exercise equipment to be found at your local park and you can get a quick pump at one using parts of it and a little imagination.

Parallel bars for dips and a long stanchion for pull-ups/chin-ups will do the trick.


You’ll see these places popping up everywhere and filled with these summer deals. The main issue with that is many beginners decide to go from zero-to-sixty with these programs and are not in any shape to do so. There are some serious health risks involved with the exercises that this new fitness craze includes and even people at an advanced fitness level will struggle with doing two straight minutes of battle ropes in the searing heat.

If you do decide to jump in head first, do yourself a favor and start off slow. And if you consider yourself an ‘expert,’ at least take into consideration the elements and having enough water to hydrate your battered body.

These workouts are intense and not drinking a ton of water before, during, and after is not only stupid but extremely unhealthy. Bring a lot—and drink a lot.