New Price Study Reveals Which NFL Teams Were The Best, And Worst, Values For Fans In 2017

Best Worst Value NFL Teams 2017

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Take a wild guess which NFL team was the worst value in 2017 for fans? Take your time, I’ll wait. Oh, you already have an answer? Does it rhyme with Clowns?

Well, just to be sure, the fine folks over at HomeToGo used their Football Price Index to reveal the cost of following each of the 32 NFL teams to determine which were the best and worst values for fans in 2017.

Back in September, HomeToGo released what they called their Football Price Index to show which NFL teams were going to be most worthy of a fan’s money during the upcoming season.

At that time it looked like Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars fans were going to be getting a raw deal this season.

Turns out the Jags actually ended up being, gasp, good! I know. Who saw that coming? As for the Cardinals? Well, they tried really, really hard.

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Now that the 2017 NFL season is officially over, HomeToGo revisted their Football Price Index and here’s what they discovered…

• Fans of the Cleveland Browns had to spend $4,370.30 following their team this season, but as the Browns did not win a single game this season, they were the worst value football team to support in the 2017 regular season.

• Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to spend $3,983.25 following their team this season, and the team won 13 games. This makes the Pittsburgh Steelers the best value football team of the 2017 regular season.

• The Arizona Cardinals were the most expensive team to follow based on cost per point scored in 2017 at $22.96 per point.

• The New England Patriots were the cheapest team to follow based on their cost per point scored at $9.51.

• On average, fans spent $805 for every NFL game won in the regular 2017 season.

Other solid NFL team values were the Eagles who only cost a fan $348.75 per win and $9.92 per point, the Carolina Panthers with a cost of $453.14 per win, the Atlanta Falcons who cost fans $440.54 per win, and the Minnesota Vikings at $381.23 per victory.

When it came to scoring points, the Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs were also near the top with a total of less than $12.00 per point scored in 2017.

Check out the entire list from HomeToGo below, especially if you’re thinking about dropping a load of cash on some season tickets in 2018…

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