Bianca Van Damme, Daughter Of Legend JCVD, Has More Impressive Boxing Skills Than Conor McGregor

Kathy Hutchins /

Remember way back in June of this year, in the leadup to the “FIGHT OF THE CENTURY” between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, how both fighters shared video of themselves showing off their hand speed?

And remember how Mayweather, naturally, looked really crisp and quick in his video?

Then McGregor shot back with a video of his own yapping about how he “is boxing” and putting his much slower-moving hands on display?

Yeah, well, that’s why I say that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 27-year-old daughter, Bianca Brigitte (Bree) Van Damme, of whom I have sung praises about before, looks more impressive than McGregor when putting in some boxing drills.

To back up my claim, I proudly present Exhibit A: a video BBVD shared to her always entertaining Instagram account (swipe to watch both videos).

She’s uh… really good. What a shock, huh? JCVD’s kid is a badass? Go figure.

Yes, that is Dolph Lundren’s badass and beautiful daughter Ida Lundgren in those last three photos. Why she and Bianca haven’t starred in their own action movie yet, especially considering who their dads are is one of life’s great mysteries to me.

Yep, she definitely needs to be starring in her own action movie. Now, please.

By the way, I am still waiting for that new wrestling organization she and some other daughters of pro wrestlers say they are starting to get rolling.