The 25 Biggest Bro Athletes You Should Be Following On Social Media

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Social media has done wonders for sports fans all around the world, giving us dudes an inside peek at what it’s really like to be a pro athlete with tons of fame, lots of money and the entire world at your fingertips.

In the past, we’ve given you a list of the biggest bros in sports. But because that’s been done, oh, a bajillion times now, we’re stepping up in our duty, which is why we’re giving you the biggest bro athletes that you should absolutely be following on social media.

Tom Brady

Facebook: Facebook/TomBrady

Go ahead and say what you want to about “Tom Terrific,” but the four-time Super Bowl champ and future Hall of Famer is still clever as fuck when it comes to social media—even though he’s in the older generation.

Constantly posting witty things and solid #TBT’s, Brady’s a must follow for a good laugh.

Blake Griffin

Instagram: @blakegriffin32

Sure, the L.A. Clippers superstar missed some time this season due to injuries and, uh, that whole punching a team equipment manager thing, but Blake Griffin is still a bro who is in the know.

He’s young, talented, funny and lives in Los Angeles, so why wouldn’t you want to see what he’s up to everyday?

Matt Harvey

Instagram: @mattharvey33

Guys, this is the same Matt Harvey who, on national TV, admitted to having a threesome once before, so you know he’s a bro worth following.

Known simply as “The Dark Knight,” Harvey just looks like Johnny College, who’s the big man on campus who lands the hottest chicks and knows how to throw the fuck down—and throw a baseball better than almost anyone on the planet.

Peter Mortell

Twitter: @PMortell37

There’s a very good chance most of you haven’t even heard the name Peter Mortell before—or, if you have, it wasn’t something worth remembering.

One can’t blame you if that’s the case, though. After all, Mortell is a punter who just graduated from the University of Minnesota. Still, kid is funny as fuck—he even gave himself a fake award for “Holder of the Year” in the Big 10.

The Golf Boys

Made up of PGA golfers Ben CraneHunter Mahan, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler, “The Golf Boys” are some of the biggest bros in all of sports, doing all the things you and I wish we could with our buddies out on the links.

While each guy is a bro in his own right, collectively, they’re the broiest foursome in sports.

Conor McGregor

Instagram: @thenotoriousmma

He’s brash, successful and isn’t afraid to let people know about it—which is exactly why UFC fighter Conor McGregor is so rad.

Easily the biggest star in MMA, the Irishman isn’t quite on the level of Floyd Mayweather Jr in terms of his social media outrageousness, but McGregor’s just as ruthless thanks to jabs at opponents and his flashy life.

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