The 25 Biggest Bro Athletes You Should Be Following On Social Media

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Social media has done wonders for sports fans all around the world, giving us dudes an inside peek at what it’s really like to be a pro athlete with tons of fame, lots of money and the entire world at your fingertips.

In the past, we’ve given you a list of the biggest bros in sports. But because that’s been done, oh, a bajillion times now, we’re stepping up in our duty, which is why we’re giving you the biggest bro athletes that you should absolutely be following on social media.

Tom Brady

Facebook: Facebook/TomBrady

Go ahead and say what you want to about “Tom Terrific,” but the four-time Super Bowl champ and future Hall of Famer is still clever as fuck when it comes to social media—even though he’s in the older generation.

Constantly posting witty things and solid #TBT’s, Brady’s a must follow for a good laugh.

Blake Griffin

Instagram: @blakegriffin32

Sure, the L.A. Clippers superstar missed some time this season due to injuries and, uh, that whole punching a team equipment manager thing, but Blake Griffin is still a bro who is in the know.

He’s young, talented, funny and lives in Los Angeles, so why wouldn’t you want to see what he’s up to everyday?

Matt Harvey

Instagram: @mattharvey33

Guys, this is the same Matt Harvey who, on national TV, admitted to having a threesome once before, so you know he’s a bro worth following.

Known simply as “The Dark Knight,” Harvey just looks like Johnny College, who’s the big man on campus who lands the hottest chicks and knows how to throw the fuck down—and throw a baseball better than almost anyone on the planet.

Peter Mortell

Twitter: @PMortell37

There’s a very good chance most of you haven’t even heard the name Peter Mortell before—or, if you have, it wasn’t something worth remembering.

One can’t blame you if that’s the case, though. After all, Mortell is a punter who just graduated from the University of Minnesota. Still, kid is funny as fuck—he even gave himself a fake award for “Holder of the Year” in the Big 10.

The Golf Boys

Made up of PGA golfers Ben CraneHunter Mahan, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler, “The Golf Boys” are some of the biggest bros in all of sports, doing all the things you and I wish we could with our buddies out on the links.

While each guy is a bro in his own right, collectively, they’re the broiest foursome in sports.

Conor McGregor

Instagram: @thenotoriousmma

He’s brash, successful and isn’t afraid to let people know about it—which is exactly why UFC fighter Conor McGregor is so rad.

Easily the biggest star in MMA, the Irishman isn’t quite on the level of Floyd Mayweather Jr in terms of his social media outrageousness, but McGregor’s just as ruthless thanks to jabs at opponents and his flashy life.

Josh Donaldson

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Just hanging out with JT.

A post shared by Josh Donaldson (@tos_bor20) on

Instagram: @tos_bor20

Last season’s AL MVP, Josh Donaldson isn’t just a lethal hitter at the dish, but also a major bro who isn’t afraid to make an ass out of himself all in the name of fun.

Many dudes might forget about Donaldson because he plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, but that’d be a mistake, ’cause he’s hilarious.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Bom dia 🌞

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Instagram: @cristiano

Believe me, it fucking kills me to put Cristiano Ronaldo on this list out of pure jealousy, but the Portuguese soccer player is the best at what he does on the planet and lives the life every single bro wishes they could.

Fame, fortune, hot chicks…OK, you know why he’s a bro worth following, so I’ll just stop there.

Nick Kyrgios

Instagram: @k1ngkyrg1os

The dude is a pro tennis player who just doesn’t give a fuck, even being quoted as saying, “it’s just tennis,” when asked about what it felt like to reach his first ever semifinal at a tournament earlier this year.

Nick Kyrgios might not have the success on the court like some of his peers, but he’s a total bro who has become the sport’s newest bad boy, which makes him appealing to bros everywhere.

Scott Piercy

Instagram: @scottpiercypga

Another golfer who doesn’t fit the traditional mold of a player in that sport, Scott Piercy just looks like that type of dude that every other bro wants to either be or hangout with.

Piercy does cool shit, drives restored rides and is a down home brother.

Julian Edelman

Instagram: @edelman11

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, Julian Edelman became one of my favorite players in the NFL.

Sure, the undersized receiver’s easy to root for after going from 7th round pick to a Pro Bowler, but it’s his general broness that’s the reason he’s on this list, as he seems to be super fucking chill no matter the circumstance.

Lewis Hamilton

Instagram: @lewishamilton

Much like the aforementioned Crisitano Ronaldo, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton lives about as close to the perfect bro life as any athlete on the planet.

Racing cars for a living and making ridiculous coin for doing so, Hamilton can walk into a room and everyone would just flock to him for generally looking like a G.

John Daly

Instagram: @pga_johndaly

Tossing out an oldie but goodie here, because golfer John Daly has been golf’s rebellious bad boy for over two decades, wearing outrageous outfits and being as close to a real-life Happy Gilmore as possible.

He crushes the ball and crushes life, so you can’t seriously tell me he’s not one of your all-time favorite athletes.

Russell Westbrook

Instagram: @russwest44

Many might not think about Oklahoma City Thunder stud point guard Russell Westbrook when it comes to broing out, but that’s exactly what he does every single day.

From his wild outfits before and after games to his on-court intensity and witty one-liners, Russ is just about the NBA’s equivalent of Bryce Harper—talented and old school with new age flair.

Mario Balotelli

Instagram: @mb459

Even though AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has slowed his roll from a few years ago, ol’ dude still hasn’t lost the swag that makes him so cool.

Balotelli has gone from a complete head case who acted like a damn fool to a toned down head case who just likes to have fun, showing on social media that he’s still one of soccer’s bad boys.

Aaron Rodgers

Twitter: @AaronRodgers12

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is dating Olivia Munn, has won a Super Bowl, is regarded as one of the best signal-callers in the league and…OK, let’s just stop there, because you get the point.

Aaron Rodgers is a bro for all the reasons above and more, including his photobombing expertise and down-to-earth personality. Some players are easy to dislike, but I’m not sure I’ve ever met a person who could honestly say they hated Rodgers.

Odell Beckham Jr.

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Wolves don't bark….

A post shared by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on

Instagram: @iam_objxiii

Arguably the greatest wide receiver in the NFL right now, the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. also happens to be pretty rock solid in the social media world, too.

OBJ uses both his Instagram and Twitter to talk serious shit to opposing defenders, while showing anyone who follows him that he’s the real homey.

Keegan Bradley

Instagram: @keeganbradley1

Ranked No. 105th in the world, PGA golfer Keegan Bradley might still be searching to fall into that top golfers category after a 2011 major title, but his confidence is definitely not lacking to get there.

Remember when Bradley stirred it up with Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan a few years ago? No one would dare challenge MJ in a trash-talk battle, yet Keegan did, showing that he won’t back down from anyone. Jordan still did get the best of him, though.

J.J. Watt

Instagram: @justinjames99

Not only is the Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt the most dominant defensive player in the NFL, but the three-time league Defensive Player of the Year happens to be one of the biggest bros, too.

That’s because Watt has burst onto the national scene by rolling some super hot/famous chicks and showing everyone on social media that he’ll do pretty much anything for his family and friends—which is the true definition of a bro.

Rory McIlroy

Instagram: @rorymcilroy

Rory McIlroy seems to have it all.

He’s successful at golf, has dated some unreal women and has shown before that he can drink like a fucking fish.

For that reason, McIlroy just can’t help himself on social media, earning the distinction of one of the biggest bros in sports that every guy wishes he could either be or be friends with.

Tyler Seguin

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Squad going ……… I don't know. #3blindmice

A post shared by Tyler Seguin (@tseguin92) on

Instagram: @tseguin92

With all that he’s accomplished in his short time in the NHL already, it’s kind of hard to believe that Dallas Stars superstar Tyler Seguin is still just 24 years old.

Thanks to that young age, though, Seguin has shown that he’s still bro as hell, sort of rubbing it in all of our faces that he knows how to have some fun off the ice.

Jaromir Jagr

Instagram: @jaromirjagrofficial

This one goes out to those vintage bros who age like fine wine, because that’s exactly who Jaromir Jagr is these days.

Still skating around and hunting Stanley Cup titles at the age of 44, Jagr seems to straight up not give a fuck about anything but hockey, doing what he pleases, when he pleases. Dude is a legend.

Bryce Harper

Instagram: @bharper3407

With the baseball season just starting, reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper seems to want to remind fans that it’s his world, and we’re just trying to live in it.

Hoping to make the sport fun again, Harper might get blasted by old school players who hate bat flips, extreme eye black and showboating, but the three-time All-Star just keeps doing him—and it’s dope to see.

Pat McAfee

Instagram: @patmcafeeshow

Punters in the sport of football don’t often get much love from anyone, but, then again, most players who kick a football for a living aren’t as funny as Pat McAfee.

The Indianapolis Colts punter has had a bunch of different antics over the years—like getting arrested while drunkenly swimming in public places in 2010—and he’s making people laugh by doing stand-up during the offseason now, proving to have quite the personality.

Rob Gronkowski

Instagram: @gronk

Honestly, who in the hell else did you think would land in the top spot on this list? Even with some serious competition, there’s no dude in sports who can even touch Rob Gronkowski as the biggest bro in sports right now.

The New England tight end recently joined Instagram, too, showing exactly why he should be on the top of every guy’s list of athletes to follow with his very first post. To say it was Gronk-diculous would be an understatement.

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