Bill Belichick Downplays DeAndre Hopkins’ Patriots Visit, ‘I’m Not A Travel Agent’

Bill Belichick

Getty Image / Bryan Bennett

DeAndre Hopkins is beginning his free agency visits after first stopping by and checking out the Tennessee Titans‘ facilities.

Reports indicate he’ll be heading to visit with the New England Patriots next and he could end up signing somewhere by the end of the week.

Bill Belichick was asked about DeAndre Hopkins’ eventual arrival. However, in true Belichick fashion, the Patriots’ head coach provided little to now information.

First, he was asked about if Hopkins would be “visiting tomorrow” (Tuesday). However, the six-time Super Bowl winning head coach downplayed the entire question, per Casey Baker.

So, Belichick pretends to not know what’s going on. Which isn’t new. He’s one of, if not, the most tight lipped head coach in sports.

The media tried again to clarify with Bill Belichick about DeAndre Hopkins’ visit. But he remained unhelpful, claiming he doesn’t know the logistics and says he’s “not a travel agent.”

Good luck getting anything out of Belichick. There is no way the head coach doesn’t know when a top free agent wide receiver is visiting with his team.

But, for whatever reason, Belichick does everything possible to keep the media in the dark.

On thing is for sure though. Hopkins is visiting with the Patriots. We just have no idea which day of the week it’s going to be.