Savage Bill Belichick Intentionally Tried To Commit Penalties To Toy With The Jets While Beating Them Down 33-0

Bill Belichcik

The Patriots beat down the New York Jets tonight but Bill Belichick was still focused on maximizing his team’s advantage until the clock stopped.

While the Pats were up 24-0, Belichick was seen on the sideline yelling and screaming at his defense on the sideline.

Later in the game, while up 33-0, Belichick tried to intentionally draw a delay of game penalty to give his punter more room to punt. Jets head coach Adam Gase wasn’t having it and declined the penalty. Belichick then instructed his team to intentionally draw a false start penalty on the very next play which led to Gase once again being forced to decline another penalty.

All Belichick could do was smile.

Update Belichick admits that he was trying to eat up the clock by intentionally committing penalties.