Bill Burr Cracking Jokes To Wayne Gretzky While Discussing ‘How To Fix Hockey’ Is Pretty Great

by 1 year ago

Last night on Bill Simmons HBO show, Simmons pressed Wayne Gretzky and comedian Bill Burr into a wonky discussion about “how to fix hockey.” What he means by that question is how can the NHL be more like the NFL, which is sort of a silly premise — Let the league have it’s own damn identity and authenticity, not try to emulate what is successful for another pro sports juggernaut.

After Gretzky gives a calculated response, Burr goes in: “People are always trying to get the fighting out of the game. In other sports, I go ‘this guy needs to get the shit kicked out of him’ but in hockey it does. In hockey it’s justified.”

Peep the conversation above, along with the mailbag from the episode below:

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