Bill Clinton Discovers Sitting Behind Dikembe Mutombo At Sporting Events Sucks

Dikembe Mutombo continued to do what he does best yesterday: buddying up to world leaders at sporting events. At the risk of offending besties Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Hall of Fame big man hobnobbed with Bill Clinton at the NBA All-Star Game.

The duo likely discussed a buddy cop comedy sure to break every box-office record imaginable.

The good times took a turn, however, when the gigantic Mutombo decided to stretch out his impressive frame in Clinton’s line of vision.

Now, not to go all Benghazi on this, but it doesn’t take a tin foil hat and a gross misunderstanding of The Constitution to think this is staged. You can clearly see the players lingering around — as they’d do during a stoppage in play.

Either way, pretty solid Old Man Joke by Slick Willie here. “Down in front” will never not be funny.