Bill Simmons Thinks One NBA Team Would Be Willing To ‘Overpay’ In A Trade For Anthony Davis

Bill Simmons Thinks One NBA Team Would Overpay For Anthony Davis

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  • Bill Simmons could see the Lakers trading Anthony Davis this offseason.
  • He also thinks one team would be willing to overpay for the big man.
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The Los Angeles Lakers have to shake things up this offseason after their abysmal campaign this year. Bill Simmons, like many others, thinks the Lakers could look to move Anthony Davis and he has a team in mind that may be willing to be a part of that move.

The Lakers aren’t going to trade LeBron James and they’re going to have trouble finding a team that wants to take on Russell Westbrook’s massive contract. This leaves Davis as the player that could be dealt, free up cap space, and fetch a big return in the process.

One team that could be looking to take things to a new level and bring in a superstar for the first time in quite a while is the New York Knicks.

Simmons thinks that the Knicks would even be willing to “overpay” for the big man.

“I think the Knicks would overpay for him,” Simmons said on his podcast of Davis. “I think the Knicks are ready to dive in this summer.”

It’s worth noting that Simmons doesn’t think RJ Barrett would be part of the return package if the Knicks were to trade for Davis.

Davis’ current contract runs thru the 2024-25 campaign and it will see him take home just under $38 million next season. That’s a lot to take on for any team, especially given his recent injury history, but could be a move worth taking for a Knicks franchise that’s been irrelevant for a number of years.