Billy Morgan Landed The First Ever Quad Cork 1800° On A Snowboard, It Was MASSIVE

In extreme sports, it’s all about progression. Seeing just how far you can push the limits of physics, and trying to pull off tricks that even five years ago were considered impossible. There’s constantly a new feat for athletes to literally lay their bodies on the line hoping to land, and it’s that pursuit of progression that consistently drives extreme sports to new heights.  Like, when Tony Hawk landed the first 900° in competition, or when Mike Metzger did consecutive backflips on a motorcycle for the first time. Truly amazing stuff to witness.

The scene in Livigno, Italy, two days ago was no different. That’s when UK snowboarder, Billy Morgan, successfully landed a backside quadruple cork 1800°…for the first time in history. Hold your breath.

For those counting, yeah, he just did four off-axis flips while rotating five full times, and it was all blindly, as he approached the enormous kicker backside.

Absolute insanity.

The jump Morgan launched from was specially built for his attempt at Livigno’s Mottolino Resort, and it took workers more than 40 hours of grooming in preparation. Obviously, it was time well spent.

A huge congratulations to Billy on further pushing the benchmarks of his sport. But still, I guess it’s only natural that I feel compelled to ask: what’s next!?