Jake Paul’s Boxing Trainer BJ Flores Shows Off Bullet In His Leg After Armed Robbery Attempt

BJ Flores Jake Paul's boxing trainer

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Jake Paul’s boxing trainer, BJ Flores, has been on vacation in Colombia for a week. On Thursday, he survived an armed robbery attempt in Medellin where the assailants on motorcycles pointed a gun at his forehead when his car stopped at a red light.

Prior to training Jake Paul, BJ Flores was a former professional boxer with a 34-4-1 record (21 KOs) in the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight divisions. He is a very fit athlete and fought for the world title as recently as 2016.

Flores posted a video on his Instagram in the early hours of Friday morning. BJ shared how two armed assailants on motorcycles put a gun to his head and wanted to steal his watch and wallet.

He wrote “They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could.” And said he was still in the emergency room waiting to have the bullet lodge in his thigh surgically removed.

BJ Flores shared a video from the emergency room where he zooms in on an X-Ray. In the photo it’s clear the bullet it still in his leg. Warning: there is some dried blood on his hand but it’s also possible that it is Bactine spray. But if that sight bothers you then you might not want to click:

People wrote on the comments:

“Holy crap. Nothing is promised in life. I’m glad your okay brother!”

“Omg BJ! That is terrible! So grateful you’re okay!!”

“Man I’m glad ur still here champ! More purpose to fulfill stay blessed bro.”

Flores shared that video above and another video on Twitter. In the second video, he points out where the pistol was placed on his head.

BJ says “we were definitely targeted” and claims the armed robbers “couldn’t possibly have seen” his watch based on where he was sitting.

Jake Paul’s trainer wrote “Be safe out there please. Life is precious.” on Instagram. It’s cleary that he is still processing the attempt on his life.

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