Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Rematch Might Already Have A Date This Summer According To Insider

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury

Getty Image / Francois Nel

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury pay-per-view Boxing bout was one of the biggest sporting events of 2023 so far, like it or not.

The PPV numbers were enormous and Jake Paul reportedly earned $30 million for the fight.

From almost the exact moment that Tommy Fury was declared the winner by split decision, attention shifted to ‘when will we see a rematch?’

According to ESPN Boxing journalist and insider Mike Coppinger, the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rematch could only be a few months away.

Coppinger sat down with Max Kellerman and was asked if there will be a Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rematch and Coppinger actually threw out a possible date range.

Boxing insider Mike Coppinger told Kellerman “I believe there will be (an immediate rematch). I’m hearing that they’re looking at July for the rematch and I think it’s going to be even bigger than the first fight.

Coppinger later clarified his comments on Twitter, sayingSet to take place? Never reported that. Said it’s possible rematch in July.”

Connor Bennett of Dexerto writes that there appears to be no ‘exact date’ set for the fight yet. But given that we have ‘July’ to go off of we could make some assumptions.

There are five Saturdays in July this year with the month beginning on Saturday, July 1st. They’d presumably want the fight to be on a weekend.

The first match was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a Sunday. Depending on where the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rematch takes place, it seems likely it would be held on a Saturday which narrows the July dates down to the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

Meanwhile, Tommy Fury’s dad AND Tommy Fury both want Jake Paul to pay up on his ‘all or nothing’ bet.