Tommy Fury Says It’s Time For Jake Paul Pay Up On ‘All Or Nothing’ Purse Bet After Beating Him

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Tommy Fury is about his money.

The younger, less successful Fury brother could be in for another big day after being the first boxer to beat YouTube star and influencer Jake Paul.

After over a year of delays, Fury and Paul finally squared off in the ring this past weekend in Saudi Arabia. Despite Paul’s incessant trash talk, it was Fury that walked away the winner.

The younger brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury used a methodical approach to walk away with a split decision victory.

Paul, however, still walked out the winner when it comes to financial gain. But now that may no longer be the case.

Prior to the fight, the duo shook on an “all or nothing” bet that would have paid the winner both fighters’ prize purse while the loser walks away empty handed.

Paul claims to have drawn up a contract for the bet. But he stated that Fury never signed it.

On Wednesday, Fury’s father John is called for Paul to pay up on the bet on the grounds of a gentleman’s agreement. Now Fury himself is getting in on the action.

“At the end of the day we were live on TV and we shook hands. We’re old-fashioned guys, so a handshake means everything to us, but let’s see if he honors it or not. A handshake is as good as a contract to us,” Fury said on Good Morning Britain.

Fans Blame Tommy Fury For Not Signing Contract Agreeing To Bet With Jake Paul

Ultimately, if there’s no contract agreeing to the bet with both signatures, Fury may be out of luck. But that wouldn’t have been the case had the fight taken place in some other countries.

I’m not expert of Saudi Arabian law. Though it sure seems like Fury is out of luck. Fans appear to agree that he should have just signed the contract.

Talk about a missed opportunity.