The World’s Luckiest Drunk Guy Won $26,000 On A $100 Parlay Bet He Didn’t Remember Placing

bettor wins parlay blackout drunk


For decades, people have flocked to Las Vegas hellbent on making memories they won’t remember because sometimes the best nights in life are the ones someone has to tell you about when you wake up in the morning (or, in some cases, the afternoon).

If you go to Vegas, you do so knowing there’s a good chance you’ll lose money and dignity you’ll never get back. With that said, there are occasional exceptions, like the case of a Minnesota man named Derek Bergee.

According to The Action Network’s infallible Darren Rovell, our friend Derek arrived in Las Vegas for the second weekend of March Madness and made the trek to Planet Hollywood at 3:30 in the morning, where he did what you’re supposed to do in Vegas: drink until you can’t drink anymore.

After three-and-a-half hours of boozing, Bergee found himself in a very special place and with a new friend in the form of fellow Minnesotan Nate Mauer, who would appear to have a higher tolerance for drunk strangers than I do.

Mauer decided to take Bergee under his wing and guided him through the process of placing bets on a variety of Minnesota-centric sporting events—most notably an NCAA men’s ice hockey tournament game between the top-ranked St. Cloud State and the bottom-ranked and virtually unheard of American International College.

While Mauer advised against picking AIC to win, a drunkenly confident Bergee decided to do exactly that as part of a $100 four-leg parlay that would net him over $26,000 if it hit.

Mauer helped a staggering Bergee back to his hotel room and the bettor promptly passed out. He managed to sleep through all of the games before waking up to discover A) He had placed the bets in the first place and B) That all of them had hit.

Bergee returned to Planet Hollywood to cash in and learned his series of questionable decisions had resulted in him winning the highest-paying four-game parlay in the history of the sportsbook.

I can’t say I’ve ever gotten blackout drunk and woken up with more money than I started with so Derek has my undying respect.

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