This Rice Pitcher Has The Filthiest Pickoff Move I’ve Ever Seen In The History Of Baseball

I’m not sure there has ever been an athlete with a more appropriate last name than Rice baseball player Blake Fox, who showed this weekend that, yep, he’s as sly as a motherfucking fox while on the bump.

While pitching in a game against Louisiana-Lafayette this past weekend, Fox pulled the filthiest pickoff move I’ve ever seen, pretending to take a quick breather before, oh, shit, psyching out the baserunner by throwing the ball to first base.

Who knows if the kid was sly enough to think this up himself or if he stole it from another pitcher, but one thing’s for sure, I hope more people get creative in their attempts to catch runner’s off-guard, ’cause this is fucking brilliant.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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