Bo Jackson Describes Why He Is The True Record Holder For The Fastest 40-Yard-Dash In NFL Combine History

Bo Jackson is widely considered to be one of–if not the–greatest athletes to ever live. Not only is he the only person to be named an All-Star in to major sports, Jackson qualified for the NCAA Track & Filed national finals while at Auburn, posting a recorded 100-yard dash time of a sizzling 9.54 seconds. Look at his fucking legs.

The former Heisman Trophy winner appeared on ESPN’s His & Hers today to discuss the fastest recorded 40 time in the history of the NFL combine–his 1986 time of 4.13 seconds. To give you some perspective, Chris Johnson holds the “official” NFL combine record of 4.24 seconds because the assumption was the Jackson’s time was not done electronically.

Listen to the man himself talk about that historical day.

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[h/t TFM]

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