NIL Agency Founder Reportedly Reveals Money Made By Top College QB Through Podcasts

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  • Before leaving Auburn, Bo Nix reportedly made a good chunk of money through NIL for very little work.
  • A new report shares just how much money he made through one podcast appearance deal.
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Name, Image and Likeness is currently the biggest topic in college sports at the moment. Specifically within football, and specifically within the Southeastern Conference.

Although former Auburn quarterback Bo Nix is no longer in the SEC after transferring to Oregon during the offseason, that didn’t stop him from cashing-in while he was there. He was QB1 at one of the most prominent, high-profile programs in the nation, which brought his market value to a large number.

Specifically, according to a founder of an NIL agency who spoke with David Hale, Nix made a lot of money through media.

According to the founder, he was hired by a media company in August of 2021 to recruit SEC football players for a weekly appearance on a podcast network. The media company was offering $500 per week for 15-minute appearances.

Among the SEC football players who the founder got on board with the paid media opportunity was Nix. He made weekly appearances and made somewhere in the ballpark of $8,500 for the semester at about $550 per week.

Let’s assume that Nix made $8,000 during the semester at $500 per week, for 15-minute appearances. By that math, Nix made approximately $33.33 per minute through his Name, Image and Likeness deal with this one singular media company in fall of 2021.

It is also possible that Bo Nix had multiple NIL deals of similar nature.

In addition, the NIL agency founder told David Hale that he also reached out to a few Texas A&M players who were reportedly uninterested.

That, of course, raises a few questions.

Name, Image and Likeness continues to be the Wild, Wild West. Buckle up!