Bob Huggins’ Daughter Rips WVU Administration After Her Dad’s Resignation

Bob Huggins sits on the bench at a West Virginia basketball game.

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Bob Huggins will no longer be on the sidelines in Morgantown. The former West Virginia head coach announced his resignation on Sunday signaling the end of an era for the program.

Huggins has been at the helm for the Mountaineers for 16 seasons, leading the team to a Final Four appearance in 2010. Unfortunately, a string of offseason incidents resulted in his departure.

Huggins first made headlines in May when he made homophobic remarks on a Cincinnati area radio station. Many called for his job then, though West Virginia administration settled on a suspension, a pay cut, and counseling.

Just a month later, the head coach was back in the news.

This time, for a drunk driving arrest in Pittsburgh. Huggins turned in his letter of resignation shortly thereafter, effectively ending his time with the program.

While some were sad to see him go, it was the right call in many fans’ eyes.

His daughter, however, disagreed with the decision. On Tuesday, she blasted West Virginia leadership on her Facebook page.

“Now that we have had some time to process…” the post began. “I want to be the first one to say, I understand the severity of what took place. I also fully understand how it potentially could have, and does, affect so many lives. People are human and people make mistakes. We are all guilty of that in some capacity. Let’s spread love and healing and not hate to someone who bleeds Gold and Blue for all of you.”

That’s where the niceties ended.

“To [President] Gordon Gee and your board, be better and do better,” she continued. “Throwing stones at glass houses is not how to represent such a great university. Treating someone like they don’t matter after they’ve given their whole heart and soul to your university. You could have helped but chose to turn your backs… You’re the classless ones, the cowards, the backstabbers and most of all hypocrites. Remember the 24-million-dollar practice facility that was not in any way funded by the university? The 17 million into your hospitals for cancer research? I can only pray you never make another mistake…”

She then went on to touch on her father’s recent arrest, saying the following.

“My dad is not an alcoholic. He drinks like 90% of us do and made a mistake that cost him his job… Which he didn’t deserve. He told Gordon [Gee] that he would go to rehab for a 60-day stint… Not even considered… The ‘beer cans all over the car’ were in bags… My dad collects cans to recycle… To act like he was driving around pounding beers as the media wants to portray is absolutely absurd.

“Mistakes shouldn’t overshadow all the good,” she closed. “The way it was handled disgusts me.”

This could very well signal the end of Bob Huggins’ coaching career. If so, he’ll finish with 863 wins and a pair of Final Four appearances across stints with Akron, Cincinnati, Kansas State, and West Virginia.