UFC Vet Bobby Green Explodes And Storms Out Of Post-Fight Presser After No-Contest Called

UFC star Bobby Green

Getty Image / Chris Unger

UFC Vegas 71 had its fair share of solid fights. However, one didn’t end the way fans were hoping for.

After delivering an accidental head butt, Green was able to swarm Gordon and end the brawl. Judges ruled the fight a no-contest.

ESPN MMA shared the clip of Bobby Green committing the accidental head butt at UFC Vegas 71.

Green clearly believed he won the fight. He explains his reasoning during his explosive post-fight presser.

After going off, Bobby Green leaves the presser in a hurry. Amy Kaplan shares the clip of her question that sent Green off.

Even Jared Gordon was a bit flabbergasted by the result of the fight. He sent out a tweet shortly after his brawl with Bobby Green.

Overall, it was probably the right call for the judges to make. Even though Bobby Green does make a point that Gordon was still aware of his surroundings while on the ground.

The head butt seemed to cause the initial knockdown, which is incredibly unfortunate for Green.

Even so, it’s understandable why Bobby Green is upset with the UFC judges. Especially considering the ruling affects how much he got paid.

Regardless, the rules are the rules and accidents tend to happen sometimes. Hopefully, Green can get back in the in column next time he enters the cage.