Young Celtics Fan Gets Caught Dropping F-Bomb On Camera, Instantly Becomes Twitter Hero

The Boston Celtics lost to the Chicago Bulls last night at home (106-to-102) to fall 1-0 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Down the stretch, the cameras caught this young Boston Celtics fan dropping a very clear ‘fuck’ on camera.

Despite the close game and Chicago winning one on the road, this adolescent Boston fan instantly became the biggest story of the game. Twitter took this clip and ran with it. I had friends texting me this GIF within minutes. This kid’s an overnight celebrity:

Aaaaaaand Twitter reacts:

If this was any other city I’d say ‘I really hope this kid doesn’t get in trouble when his parents see that’ but today’s Patriot’s Day in Boston, the running of the Boston Marathon. Everyone’s going to get absolutely obliterated today, drinking from sun up to sun down. So even if this kid’s parents see him on NESN tonight or caught clip of him last night, they’ll forget by tomorrow and he’ll be in the clear.