Boston College’s Alumni Stadium Is Home To The Worst Seat In All Of Sports

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Watching Boston College play football has not exactly been enjoyable for Eagles fans in recent years.

The Eagles have no played in a bowl game since 2019 and head coach Jeff Hafley is just 15-20 over his first three seasons on Chestnut Hill.

But Saturday’s game against Florida State provided BC fans with some home.

Sure, the Eagles committed a program-record 18 penalties. But even despite that, they took the third-ranked Seminoles to the brink before falling 31-29.

One unlucky fan, however, likely saw none of it.

It’s not because their cable went out. Or their internet wasn’t working. Or even because they were thrown out of the stadium.

No. Instead, it’s because they bought a ticket for Section KK, Row 1, Seat 33. Which is, without question, the worst seat in all of sports.

“Here it is. The worst seat in college football. ZERO percent visibility. A wall to your right. No video board to follow the action because you’re looking at the back of it. Enjoy the sounds of the game, but none of the sights,” the Twitter account @CFBcampustour said of the seat.

On reverse view, the seat is placed directly behind an advertisement that blocks the entire view of the playing surface.

Now, we have no idea what the seat cost. But if it’s anything more than $0, it’s far too much. In fact, we imagine that Hafley has wanted to hide away in that seat numerous times during his BC tenure.

Fans were genuinely in awe of how terrible the seat was. But they all also had the same joke about the Eagles’ program.


Honestly, shout out to Boston College’s athletic department for having the nerve to even sell that ticket. Apparently they lack shame in addition to victories.

And our condolences to anyone who gets stuck buying such a horrific seat.