Holy Cross Fan Moons Boston College Crowd While Streaking Across Field During Torrential Downpour

Holy Cross football fans go streaking during weather delay at Boston College
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Boston College almost suffered the most embarrassing loss in program history against Holy Cross during a torrential downpour on Saturday. The Eagles narrowly pulled off the win, but that didn’t stop the Crusaders faithful from making themselves heard.

Holy Cross and Boston College are separated by approximately 40 miles. All the visitors had to do was hop on I-90 and drive about 45 minutes east!

Their fanbase showed up and showed out. There was just as much, if not more, purple than maroon in the stands.

That was especially true after the weather rolled in. Fans mostly left the stadium during the thunderstorm.

Holy Cross students did not budge.

The college football game went to a lengthy weather delay (much of the country was dealing with thunderstorms) late in the fourth quarter of a one-possession game, the Crusaders went into the tunnel down by three and had a lot to say as they left the field. It was to be their ball when the game resumed.

Meanwhile, fans on both sides started to make their way toward the exits. Just not the visiting students, who held strong.

They were advised to leave. They did not leave.

Some of the visiting players even came out onto the field during the delay to check out their support.

Perhaps the funniest moment of the afternoon was when the Holy Cross students went bonkers for the field goal net.

There was also the streakers.

Now, the word “streaker” is often overused. Fans who run onto the field with clothes on are not streakers. That is just the word that people use to describe them, instead of “rogue fan running on field.”

In this instance, at Boston College, there were rogue fans who were running wild.

There was also one official streaker. Video posted by one of the Eagles fans who stuck around showed a man run the length of the field as his pants fell down.

The videographer chirped “pull your pants up, bro.” The fan on the field proceeded to moon the camera. Full bare butt. Cheeks out. It was wild.

Things ultimately settled down and the sun tried to peak through the storm.

When the game finally resumed, the crowd was largely in favor of Holy Cross.

It made for a pretty special moment for the FCS program.

The same cannot be said for Boston College.

In the end, though, more than five hours after kickoff, it was the Eagles who pulled out the win.