Boston Red Sox Fan Vomited His Guts Out Over The Railing Before Last Night’s Game Even Started

by 4 years ago

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t really follow baseball, but someone in our editorial chatroom told me that the Red Sox suck this year and that is why this fan is puking his brains out before the game even started.

/Goes to ESPN

/Checks MLB standings

I can now confirm that the Red Sox do, in fact, suck a bag of un-wiped assholes. Well, at least they do compared to the rest of their division. I mean, they’re not as shitty as the Phillies or anything, but if they keep trending in this direction they will be.

Damn, look at me talking like I have any idea about what the fuck is going on in Major League Baseball. I’m honestly just remotely interested in this post because a human being vomited over people below him.


Dude couldn’t even make it through the National Anthem… Must have done some aggressive tailgate boozing, on a fucking week night, no less.

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