This Girl Is Going Viral On TikTok For Having A Mini Bourbon Street In Her Basement

Bourbon Street New Orleans

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  • Bourbon Street has brought many people nights that they won’t remember and will never forget.
  • This girl on TikTok shared her basement and it looks just like the famed New Orleans street. It’s wild.
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If you’ve ever been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, you might find yourself randomly craving a hurricane from Pat O’Brien’s. You might miss the cobblestone or the rusty old roof panels and louvered doors. You might even get the urge to throw beads from a balcony onto passersby below.

Well, Tony and Penny Caciolo decided to bring Bourbon Street to them. The Pennsylvania couple built a small-scale replica of the famed Nawlins staple in their basement.

It is built below ground and is 21 feet high. The room is 1,500 square-feet in total.

One TikTok user by the name of Amanda (@amanda.lill) recently went viral after she shared the replica room on her account.

I don’t know if Amanda is the daughter of Tony and Penny, or if the house has changed hands, but I am going to assume the former. It was featured on an HGTV show back in 2012 and it’s legit.

The Caciolos are both Lehigh University alumni and used to visit New Orleans with their friends each year. They have made so many great memories that they decided to bring Bourbon Street home to Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania.

The room features a New Orleans-style balcony, a stage that can fit a full band, a jester, a gift shop and a replica Pat O’Brien’s bar that is complete with a 20-foot long granite bar. Many of the doors, windows and other pieces included in the street scene were taken from old buildings in New Orleans.

I guess, why not?

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