Boxer Felix Verdejo Arrested For The Murder Of His Pregnant Mistress Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz And The Details Are Disturbing

Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo has been arrested and charged with the murder of the 27-year-old Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz.

Rodriguez had been missing since Thursday and her body had been found in a nearby lagoon. According to Rodriguez’s mother her daughter was going to meet the married boxer with whom she having affair with to tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Via Daily Mail

Ortiz said she was at her job in Orlando, Florida, when she last spoke to Rodríguez on Thursday at 7am and learned her daughter was at her apartment waiting for Verdejo to arrive so she could provide him the results of a blood test that confirmed she was expecting with him.

Ortiz accused the married boxer of being behind her daughter’s disappearance because he had previously made threats against her and ordered her to have an abortion, she claimed.

‘He was threatening her not to have her baby. We are very happy because it is her first baby. We were happy with the news that she was going to be a mom,’ said Ortiz, who begged Verdejo to come forward with any information.

According to allegations made by the prosecution, Verdejo with a help of an accomplice met with Rodriguez, punched her, drugged her, tied her up with a block and threw her body into the lagoon.

Verdejo could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

Boxer Felix Verdejo is facing the death penalty after he was arrested and charged for the disturbing murder of his pregnant mistress Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz