Boxer Gervonta Davis Has His Girlfriend And Alleged Side Chick Ready To Fight Each Other After He Admitted To Cheating In Instagram Post

Boxer Gervonta Davis apparently got busted cheating and things are getting tense between his girlfriend and his alleged side chick.

On Tuesday morning, Davis revealed to the world that he “can’t stop cheating” on his girlfriend.

Davis’ revelation came out while his girlfriend Vanessa Posso and his alleged side chick Ashley Burgos threatened to duke it out on Instagram.

Vanessa Posso

I hate my lurking skills I find exactly what I’m looking for

Including the whole family and GMA, don’t play

Ashley Burgos

Including who’s family? Come outside we’re in LA. U sell p*ssy sis, u saying ur father will see..your daughter will see your little secrets and see u get dragged since u talking about having people parents info, come outside u p*ssy selling ass b*tch, U want problems u get them bitch

Answer ur FT @itsgrnessa and come outside, You little b*tches are really p*ssy and we’re not playing with you b*tches this year, all business aside @itsgrnessa you’ve never did nothing, we will pack you up, I’m not playing with my friends or family

Gervonta now wants his girlfriend Vanessa to come back home despite admitting to cheating and causing all the drama.

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