Boxer/Model Ebanie Bridges On What Conor McGregor’s Fiancée Thinks About Her Racy Pics With McGregor

Conoor McGregor/Ebanie Bridges


Ebanie Bridges is still dealing with the fallout about her pictures with Conor McGregor over the weekend.

On Saturday, Bridges attended the Anthony Joshua-Robert Helenius fight as one of McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout models to promote the MMA star’s new beer brand.

Bridges would receive backlash after many felt she got a bit too comfortable around McGregor, who is currently engaged to be married to longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin.

On Tuesday, Bridges went on Boxing King Media to clear up any confusion about her relationship with McGregor.

“It’s all about promotion, he’s a smart businessman and he always makes smart business moves..he reached out to me and said do you want to be a part of the team, be a part of the Forged army and partner up with me and help promote his stout…and what better way to promote than to get pictures with the Blonde Bomber at the Anthony Joshua fight wearing your gear and it worked didn’t it because we’ve broken the Internet again and everyone’s talking about it…It’s just business”

Here’s what she had to say if McGregor’s fiancee had an issue with the pictures when the interviewer brought it up

“You think Conor McGregor would be with me in the public, doing everything that we’re doing, like getting me to be a part of his forged Army team if his fiancee had a problem with it, these people who sit at home, know nothing about show business, no nothing about celebrity and what it’s like to be famous, you have to have very very thick skin to one be a celebrity and be in a relationship with a celebrity, and she gets it”

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