Brandon Aiyuk Claims The 49ers Are The Best Team In NFL Despite 31-7 Playoff Loss To Eagles

Brandon Aiyuk

Michael Owens/Getty Images

49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk is a rising star on the field. After a couple of up-and-down seasons to begin his career, the former 1st round pick finally left coach Kyle Shanahan’s dog house and captured his first 1,000+ yard season in the NFL. He also scored 8 touchdowns on the Niners’ high-powered offense that won 14 games in 2022.

During an interview with TheSFNiners, Aiyuk made it clear that he thinks San Francisco was the best team in the National Football League, and losing to the Eagles 31-7 a week ago in the NFC Championship doesn’t change that.

“We have a talented football team, we have, hands down, the best football team in the league. Hands down.”, Aiyuk said during the sit-down, “I’m not going even going to argue with anyone who thinks they should argue that.”

Aiyuk also took aim at media members that claimed the Eagles have had “the most loaded team in football” all year because he claims the 49ers have better players on offense and defense regardless of Philadelphia’s roster.

“But that’s what makes it so sick about this one because we feel like everything we did from that point on. Just what we did to the league, how we just played on tape, I firmly believe we put fear in the opponent’s hearts,”

Aiyuk added: “We felt like it was our time and for that to get cut short, it’s sickening.”

The Chiefs Passing Offense Will Expose The Eagles Defense

Brandon Aiyuk wasn’t ready to leave the interview before taking yet another shot at the team that beat his 49ers in the NFC Championship game by 24 points.

When discussing the Eagles’ defense, Aiyuk claims that Philadelphia will “get exposed”

“They talk about them being a good defense. I’m not sure. I think this Kansas City pass game will expose what we thought we were going to expose before some unfortunate circumstances.”

Aiyuk finished it by saying “Got extremely lucky.” in the Conference Championship.