Brandon Westover Discusses Setting The Record For Murphs In 24-Hours Even After Medical Staff Warned Him To Stop

Brandon Westover WRT

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What’s up runners, fitness freaks, and friends.

It’s time to strap on your favorite sneakers, put on your favorite running shirt, hit the pavement, and gulp down another episode of “We Run This” like it’s a cold cup of water on mile number 9.

Our guest on the show today is Brandon Westover. Brandon is a fitness coach, endurance athlete, and 41-year-old father of two from Orlando who recently broke the record for the most Murph workouts in 24 hours.

Brandon did 17 Murph workouts in just 24 hours, which is absolutely insane. Brandon decided to try and break the record during a 50-mile run around Orlando. 50 miles! In the Florida heat! In the summer! Bonkers.

Brandon talks about his experience doing the Murphs, how he trained, his strategy for completing the running portion of the workout, and how the medical staff observing his record-breaking feat wanted him to stop immediately.

We also discuss how his Murph record isn’t recognized by the Guinness people because of the specific requirements necessary to call something a “world record.”

If you learn nothing else from this episode, you’ll realize that the mind is the most incredible muscle in the body and that Murphs suck.

Here’s our talk with Brandon Westover.

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