Brave New York Giants Fan Burns Jersey Of Two-Time Super Bowl Winner Eli Manning


Heroic man loves fire, has a short memory.

The New York Giants laid an egg in Detroit Monday night, losing 35-14 and looking like a flaming pile of garbage. I get that. And I totally understand why Big Blue supporters would be disappointed.

But this guy right here, the guy torching his Eli Manning jersey is way out of line.

First off, the man has won two Super Bowls. Two. Even one would earn him a career-long pass. Second of all, we are one game into the season. With 15 Sundays remaining and a sad-looking NFC East, the Giants’ playoff hopes aren’t exactly ruined.

Also, anyone who watched that game and walked away thinking Manning is the only problem has a, let’s say, tenuous grasp on football. Throw a dart at that team’s roster and you’ll find a gaping hole.

And finally, the only person hurts by burning your own property is yourself. I have absolutely no idea why this jersey-torching thing has become so en vogue in recent years. It’s basically protesting against your own bad decisions.

[H/T: Bob’s Blitz]