Atlanta Braves Announcers Can’t Get Over How Random Fan Eats His Ice Cream

Atlanta Braves hat

Getty Image / Brandon Sloter

Late in the game between the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies, the announcers got sidetracked by a fan eating his ice cream.

It was a close contest too, so you’d think the announcers would be paying more attention to what’s going on in the game. But this ice cream-eating fan was a bit distracting.

At the top of the eighth inning, the camera focuses in on a Braves fan eating a huge helping of ice cream on a cone. Immediately, the Braves announcers begin chirping.

From there, it escalates pretty quickly before one of the announcers proclaims “I think I’m done for the night.” Here’s the hilarious clip that is going viral online.

That guy was not messing around with that ice cream.

But the best part is right when he takes a big bite off the top. The “Oh boy” from the announcer had me laughing like an idiot.

The Braves only had a 3-1 lead in this moment, which ended up being the final score. However, the announcers were pretty loose despite the matchup being so close.

Anything can happen in baseball and you never know what to expect. That Braves fan eating ice cream was definitely not something these announcers were expecting to see.

I mean, it really was like a real-life Seinfeld reference.

With that said, that fan clearly had a blast at the ball game. He watched his favorite team get a win while thoroughly enjoying some ice cream.

What more can you ask for?