Seahawks Punter Takes A Giant Dump On Brian Billick’s Chest After He Says ‘Kickers Are Not Football Players’

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sport

Commentator Brian Billick spent nine years as the Baltimore Ravens Head Coach, leading the team to a Super Bowl victory over the New York Giants in 2001. Someone with such an expansive knowledge of the game should understand that every player and every position are integral in the success of a football team.

That is not the case.

Billick appeared on NFL Network’s Sunday morning coverage and spewed some insensitive words about NFL kickers.

// Billick feeling the need to remind us that kickers are people is as insulting as saying that kickers are not people. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan understandably did not take well to these comments and hopped on Twitter to voice his dismay.


Billick has a history of head-scratching comments, namely back in 2013 when he called the Seahawks/Falcons playoff game and praised Seattle as ‘the team to beat’ after Atlanta eliminated them. Dude. Smoke more weed.