Brian Windhorst Whispers Through ESPN Segment After Being Threatened By Angry Hotel Guest

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst

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I think most basketball fans would be thrilled with the idea of getting paid to travel around the United States and beyond to cover the NBA, but that particular line of work isn’t necessarily as glamorous as you may think.

Brian Windhorst knows that all too well, as he’s spent plenty of time on the road as one of the more visible basketball personalities currently employed by ESPN.

Over the years, the man commonly referred to as “Windy” has been dispatched to cover high-profile events like the NBA Draft, All-Star Weekend, and plenty of big games and playoff series—including the matchup between the Clippers and the Suns that recently brought him to Arizona.

Windhorst got to watch the first game of that series at the Footprint Center on Sunday night, and he got up bright and early on Monday to share his thoughts on that contest and the rest of the NBA Playoffs while remotely appearing on Get Up from the comfort of his hotel room in Phoenix.

Get Up kicks off at 8 A.M. Eastern Time on ESPN, which means Windhorst started doing what he does best around the same time the sun rose in the city where he’s staying.

However, that apparently did not sit well with someone staying in an adjoining room, as Windhorst revealed he was being very cognizant of his decibel level during a segment where he delivered some noticeably hushed analysis before revealing the reason he was being uncharacteristically quiet.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We all have adverse situations and apparently someone in the hotel room next to me was not a Get Up viewer and not happy about the early wake-up call here in Phoenix. 

Let’s just say messages have been delivered and not in a soft manner…This individual did not contact the manager but their point was made very strongly, so I’m trying to respect my neighbors here in Phoenix before 7 A.M. here.”

How thoughtful of him.

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