Brilliant Website Allows You To Celebrate A Goal By Your Favorite NHL Team At Any Time

Sitting in your cubicle is markedly less exciting than being out at your favorite NHL arena watching your beloved _______ beat the sweaters off hated rivals ________. Everyone knows that to be true. If only there was a way to replicate the amazing euphoria just after the home team scores a goal without getting up off your ass or spending money.

What’s that? There is?

Huzzah! allows you to play loud buzzers and traditional arena celebrations until your ears bleed. And I know because I spent most of my morning clicking through every team (AMA I’m an expert now).

It’s a must for any aspiring bandwagon-jumper or someone who wants to round out their bar trivia knowledge.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to mashing some buttons.

[H/T: We Just Scored]