Brittany Renner Threatens To Leak Private DMs/Videos From PJ Washington After He Took Shots At Her For Speaking To Jackson State Players

Brittany Renner and her ex PJ Washington are once again taking shots at each other in public.

Earlier this week, Renner trended on social media after a video of her speaking to Jackson State players on the dangers of dealing with women on social media went viral.
“You’re trying to make it to the NFL, you do understand there’s a lot that comes with that right? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion-dollar question we’re all wanting to know.

You are useful, and it’s better to useful than useless. You just have to have that understanding that okay, I have something to offer, whether that’s financial, status wise, or whatever, and people do see that as a bonus to be with you, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you just have to be aware that nobody is here for nothing.”

Washington, who accused Renner of faking their relationship after they broke up following the birth of their son, appeared to take shots at his ex without naming her.

Renner saw Washington’s posts and fired back.

Renner went on to threaten to release DMs/videos from Washington if he kept talking about her on social media.

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