How Bro Is This Semi-Pro Hockey Player Giving A Thumbs Up In The Middle Of A Fight

Whatever boushie organization that gives the award for Best Photograph of the Year needs to stop their search right the fuck now. Forget some artsy pic of a sunset in Mozambique with 1,376 filters applied to it and the contrast pumped all the way up. This photo on Reddit is your REAL Photograph of the Year.

This extraordinary piece by Imgur user Jrowe_7 is aptly titled “Taken at my towns Semi-Pro hockey game last month during a fight.”

It perfectly captures the heart of a heated battle. There is miscellaneous hockey equipment strewn about the ice as the grit of hand-to-hand combat rages on with several players from opposing teams attacking each other. The one semi-pro hockey player has a Cheshire Cat smile with of course one tooth missing. He is practically giving his opponent a Roman war helmet as he beats the shit out of him. Just flawless timing by the photographer to encapsulate this glorious moment of a semi-pro hockey brawl all in one glorious photo.